Hubble Nursery Pal Dual Vision

Hubble Nursery Pal Dual Vision

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The 5-inch smart HD baby monitor features patent-pending dual lenses for simultaneous close-up and wide-angle viewing from the same device. Using AI Motion Tracking, the bottom camera automatically follows the movement of the selected person by panning and tilting, allowing parents to keep an eye on their little one as they move around the room.

Nursery Pal Dual Vision’s ConnectChat™ feature allows for easy two-way communication between parent and child. When the ConnectChat™ button on the base of the baby unit is pressed, the device immediately creates a one-way video call with the HubbleClub app. Additionally, the multi-purpose monitor allows parents and caregivers to soothe their little one to sleep through the enhanced, music-grade speaker with our collection of preloaded nature sounds, lullabies and audiobooks. Once they are asleep, the built-in Sleep Routine Management feature allows users to track resting and waking patterns captured by the camera.

Control all Nursery Pal Dual Vision features, and much more, on the HubbleClub App

The Latest Innovation in Baby Monitoring

At Hubble Connected, we're constantly inspiring and innovating to optimize your home. That's why we're introducing Nursery Pal Dual Vision, the smart HD baby monitor which features dual lenses for standard and wide-angle view from the same device. With the complimentary parent unit, it's easier than ever to keep an eye on your little one.

Our baby monitors are no longer just for parents. Lull your little one to sleep with pre-loaded nature sounds, lullabies & audiobooks, soothe them with your familiar voice using Two-Way Talk, and even track nursery room temperatures with the touch of a button to ensure your newborn is always comfortable.

Dual Lenses for Better Vision

Nursery Pal Dual Vision is a smart, high-definition baby monitor that features dual cameras, allowing for normal and wide-angle views from the same device. Conveniently adjust either lens with remote pan, tilt and zoom functions to secure the perfect view.

Monitor your child in their crib, while using the wide angle lens to monitor the rest of the nursery. With dual lenses, your baby monitor just doubled in efficiency.