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Book 51 S Elite Modular is an elegant modular system with a leather look handlebar and a bassinet type-approved for use in the car. Extremely manoeuvrable thanks to its off-road technology, it adapts to all surfaces with great agility. Designed for those who enjoy a top fashion finish, Book 51 S Elite Modular offers top performance in a width of just 51 cm, for agile and responsive manoeuvring even in small spaces. Book 51 S Elite Modular includes: • the high-performing Book 51 S chassis • the Pop-Up seat with foot muff and rain cover • the elegant Navetta Elite bassinet, type-approved for use in the car • the Primo Viaggio SL Car Seat • the matching bag to be fastened to the chassis with changing mat for nappy changes.

Product Description

A special chassis with an ultra-compact design. The Book 51 S chassis offers truly unique features! Its small size - just 51 cm - means that Book 51 S easily deals with urban challenges such as elevators and supermarket checkouts. Book 51 S comes with a non-slip leather look handle, a control for the simultaneous switching of the wheels from swivelling to locked mode, and Soft Ride wheels with tread to move effortlessly on any surface, including uneven terrain, pavements or gravel. Excellent performance by Peg Perego, offering utmost comfort and ease of use. The Book 51 S chassis is made of aluminium, a light material that ensures manoeuvrability, stability, resistance to wearand precise movement control. It is available in Jet and White/Black. With the Peg Perego G-Matic System, a simple click is all it takes to attach the Pop-Up Seat, the Navetta Elite Bassinet or the Primo Viaggio SL Car Seat onto the Book 51 S chassis. Locked or swivelling wheels? You can change your mind when you like! An exclusive control on the chassis allows you to adjust the front wheels of the Book 51 S chassis with just one movement, selecting locked or swivelling wheels - there is no need to bend down. The ultra-resistant Soft Ride wheels with tread of the Book 51 S chassis adjusts to the surface you are moving on. This means you can travel comfortably even in unusual situations, such as wet areas, uneven terrain, pavements in town, paved surfaces, gravel and dust roads. Open it, fold it, push it with one hand and without worries. Pushing Book 51 S is a pleasure. You can open it, fold it and push it with just one hand. It closes with a book fold and, when folded, it is free standing and takes up very little room. You can move it effortlessly like a trolley case thanks to the central handle for transport. The height of the single handlebar with a refined leather look insert can be adjusted. It was designed to provide people of different height, size (even foot size!) with an ergonomic grip. The finishing touch is a large storage basket with the "easy load" system. Easy Drive System: less effort and more fun. The innovative Peg Perego suspension wheels and 12 ball bearings give you 360° of agile movement. This means perfect manoeuvring ease, even on uneven surfaces, and 30% less effort compared to ordinary pushchairs. The front wheels are lockable swivel wheels and the rear ones, which are larger to ensure excellent performance, have a centralised brake. Book 51 S, reversible and comfortable from birth. Turn the Book 51 S chassis into a superbly equipped pushchair! Mount the reversible Pop-Up seat and your baby is ready for entertaining walks. There are two viewing positions (and two closing positions): it can be positioned facing mum (for reassuring looks) and world facing, so toddlers can learn more about the world around them. Safety, agility and great fun. Our priority is allowing your baby to travel safely. The pushchair has a 5-point safety harness with protective padding and a removable leather look front bar that opens and closes. Takes on urban challenges right from birth. The pushchair is so agile and compact that it can easily deal with the most difficult urban challenges such as elevators, supermarket checkouts and excessively high footpaths. It can be folded with the seat in either position (mum facing or world facing). You do not need to bend down or dirty your hands to align the wheels as it features the exclusive chassis control. When folded it is free standing and the fabricnever touches the ground so it stays clean, for perfect hygiene.You can easily move it like a trolley case thanks to its centralised handle. It is extremely compact - you will notice when you load it into the car boot! Peg Perego. Well worth it! The ergonomic seat of the pushchair is comfortable and the backrest and leg rest are adjustable, allowing your baby to relax fully. A toy can be hung from the compact hood, which can be extended with a loop to hang your child's favourite toy and a zip hides a net panel that provides extra ventilation on hot days. It is completed with a foot muff and a rain cover that has a ventilation net. Never say no to elegance, whether at home, in the car or out walking. Refined and sophisticated, Navetta Elite is the most welcoming spot for your baby after your arms. Elegant and functional, Navetta Elite stands out for its unique details, such as the exclusive integrated leather look handle, patented by Peg Perego, the stylish finishes and the fashionable inserts. Navetta Elite can be used anywhere! It is suitable from birth, not just for pleasantly comfortable strolls, butalso at home, as a little cot, and in the car, thanks to its type approval. Peg Perego. Well worth it! Details that make all the difference. Elegance is in the details, and Navetta Elite is its ultimate expression. Top fashion finishes and original fashion inserts elegantly enhance its sleek design. The unique integrated leather look handle, patented by Peg Perego, offers the ideal grip when carrying the bassinet by hand, and enables the hood to be raised and lowered with ease. Moving with comfort and a touch of elegance. The special Panorama Hood of the Navetta Elite has a ventilation window and a loop to hang your baby's favourite toy. The finishing touch is a foot muff with refined details and a very useful windbreaker. The inside of the bassinet has 2 pockets that hold and protect small objects. The bassinet can also be used at home as a rocking cradle or a little cot thanks to its extendible feet. The inner lining can be easily removed and frequently washed, to ensure perfect hygiene. Peg Perego All Seasons System Sweet dreams are guaranteed by the All Seasons System that controls air circulation in the bassinet, so as to ensure protection during the winter and fresh ventilation in the summer. Peg Perego Comfort System Navetta Elite is fitted with the exclusive Peg Perego Comfort System whereby the backrest and leg rest can be adjusted simultaneously from the outside, so your baby is always in the best possible position. Navetta Elite is also equipped with G-Matic, the automatic attachment system on Peg Perego chassis. Just one click and the pram is ready for delightful walks. Navetta Elite - travelling safely by car. Peg Perego does not consider safety just an extra option - it is one of the essential principles for the creation of top quality products. Navetta Elite is a Group 0 approved bassinet designed for children from birth to 10 kg in weight. The Car Kit provided to attach the bassinet to the seat - inclusive of a 3-point harness, protective padding, adjustable shoulder pads and a puzzle buckle (sold separately) - guarantees utmost safety in the event of a front or side collision. The practical adjustable fastening hooks allow parents to attach the bassinet to the car's rear seat, so a parent can sit next to the baby. Navetta Elite is made of polypropylene, a rigid, shock-proof material that is also hygienic because it does not absorb humidity from the air. The EPS lining provides maximum protection in the event of a side collision, as well as ideal thermal and acoustic insulation. A car seat jewel - as comfortable as it is safe! Primo Viaggio SL is a Group 0+ approved car seat designed for children weighing from 0 to 13 kg (0 - 1 year). This car seat has an integrated headrest designed to reduce the forces that act on a baby's head and neck in the event of a side collision. Italian quality and Peg Perego. Peg Perego quality is acknowledged all over the world. The Primo Viaggio SL car seat, combined with the Isofix Base 0+1 k, obtained the highest score (5 stars) as best product in its category when it was subjected to the strictest crash tests performed by the most demanding international certification bodies (2013 ADAC, TSC, Stiftung Warentest, OAMTC). Because they have obtained internationally recognised certification, Peg Perego products excel in performance and safety. Top protection in every phase of your child's growth. The car seat has the Adjustable Side Impact Protection System, which protects in the case of a side collision. It adjusts as your child grows bigger because its headrest and safety belts can be simultaneously adjusted in height and fixed in 5 positions. The 3-point safety harness has soft protection pads. The Primo Viaggio SL Car Seat is easy to attach onto the Book Plus chassis via the G-Matic System and its dedicated car bases.Its comfortable, ergonomic seat has an anatomic cushion for newborns. The hood, to which your baby's favourite toy can be hung, has UPF 50+ UV Protection. The hood and the handlebar are adjustable. In the car, there are three ways of fixing the seat: • with the car's 3-point seat belt; • with the Belted Base accessory (sold separately) which is fixed with the car's seat belt; • with the Isofix Base 0+1K (sold separately) which is fastened to the car's Isofix hooks (seat belts are not required in this case), in order to ensure the car seat is positioned correctly, easily and safely. Attention: to ensure further safety for adult passengers, the latest cars are equipped with shorter seatbelts than before. Peg Perego always stays updated on current safety regulations and has created the Belted Base and Isofix Base 0+1K, which can be purchased separately. When purchasing, we recommend trying the seat in your car first at the retailer's. Essential when out and about with your baby. The Peg Perego changing bag that matches your modular travel system can carry everything you need to change your baby plus lots of other things you didn't think you needed! It comes with a practical changing mat you can spread out anywhere, ensuring your baby is clean even in the most uncomfortable situations. Its external pocket with a zip is perfect for carrying baby wipes, dummy, baby toys and your mobile. Peg Perego bags are made of resistant fabrics with trendy colours. With their contemporary design, these Peg Perego bags can be used even without a pushchair because they have an adjustable strap, so you can wear them over your shoulder or across your body.



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