Baby Sense® Feeding Shawl

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The Baby Sense Feeding Shawl is a 100% cotton discreet nursing cover with a weighted feature to keep the shawl in place.
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Product Description

A calm nursing place is important when feeding your little one; however privacy, peace and quiet are not always possible. The Baby Sense Feeding Shawl allows you to nurse comfortably and discreetly whilst providing a calming environment for your baby. The Feeding Shawl is made from fully breathable fabric with a specially designed weighting feature, to keep the Feeding Shawl on your shoulder. Breathable: 100% cotton that is breathable and has moisture wicking Practical: Weighting feature keeps shawl in place Generous size: Generously sized for full coverage Comfortable: Perfectly shaped for optimum cover Privacy: For most moms the idea of breastfeeding is optimal but in practice breastfeeding may pose some practical difficulties, not least of which is feeding in public. The Baby Sense Feeding Shawl provides the ideal privacy for both you and your baby, with fully breathable fabric. Calm: For the young baby, coordinating sucking, swallowing and breathing is enough of a challenge without being stimulated by the world around them during feeding times. As your baby approaches four months he may become too distracted to feed well. The Feeding Shawl provides a calm womb world in which baby can feed without interference from the busy world. Convenience: The challenge of keeping a blanket in place whilst feeding is solved with the clever weighted feature of the Feeding Shawl. No longer will the blanket slip off your shoulder whilst feeding or positioning baby.



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