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100% cotton absorbent burp cloths that easily fasten to create a bib around your baby's neck. Available in pink, blue and stone.


Product Description

Why use a burp cloth • Milk Feeds: In the early days you may find that your baby possets after a milk feed. The Burp & Bib is the perfect solution to protect your clothes from the stain and smell of milk curds whilst burping your baby. • Solid Feeds: For the older baby, prevent the mess of solid foods and finger foods from coating your little one’s clothes. • Convenience: The Burp & Bib is a small handy shape, perfect for your shoulder but conveniently sized to fit into a bag or pocket. how to use the burp cloths Shoulder burp This position is a popular way to encourage winds to come up. Place the Burp & Bib over your shoulder. Hold your baby against your chest with his head over your shoulder. Rub firmly or pat his back. Sitting burp If the shoulder burp position fails, try the sitting position, on your lap. Hold the burp cloth over your hand and put your covered hand under your baby’s chin, against his chest. Pat his back and rub until the burp emerges. Bib for feeds Place the cloth around your baby’s neck and attach at the back to protect her clothes during messy eating. Do not pursue a burp if five or more minutes have passed, your baby will just become uncomfortable with all the handling.



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